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Our Services




SUPPORT TO assist YOU to strengthen or refine operations in preparation for growtH, or FINANCING, OR M&A.

Risk Management services to help YOU identify, understand, and mitigatE RISKS

, in order to protect your BUSINESS  OPERATIONS.

Project and Leadership Advisory to partner with companies driving an aggressive Growth and Change agenda.


we help trading organizations reduce risks and improve operational performance.

Person identification and scanning

The operational challenges and risks facing trading organizations today are sizable- but so is the ROI for companies proactively investing in change.  

  • A lack of operational agility and untapped capabilities limits the potential of trading companies of all sizes. But with so much time dedicated to strategy, sales, and leading a unique and dynamic business, leaders have less time to focus on managing key business risks, or operational improvement programs, or enabling change management initiatives. With only so many hours in a day, who is helping you work 'on' the business while you're working 'in' it?
  • At AscentWorks Partners, we offer a practical and impactful framework to help you identify the highest-value operational and risk challenges facing your trading organization, and then map out and implement the steps needed to achieve significant progress. We not only understand the problems you face- we’re energized by helping you reap the additional benefits that your risk and operational excellence program will contribute to your bottom line- every day.  

If you already have a risk management program- when was the last time someone outside your own organization 'kicked the tires' on it?

  • Against a backdrop of constant change, your risk management program can never stop evolving- it's only as good as it was yesterday. So if your company already has a risk management program, we can help you gain comfort around the substance of your program, as well as its form and effectiveness. Are your controls and risk culture performing as designed? Let us help you get the assurance you deserve regarding the key risks to your business delivery.

Do you know where your blind spots are?

  • AscentWorks operational reviews present a unique opportunity to open your line of sight even wider. We act as a partner and not an auditor, to ensure you reap all the benefits of our many years of trading risk management expertise. So seize the opportunity to get in front of your risks and opportunities for improvement- before they impact your business.  

There’s a lot at stake, so don’t wait until the accident happens - get in front of potential issues now, by speaking to us.

Transforming an organization is like changing the tire on a car at 90 mph. It’s possible - but you’ve got to have amazing partners to successfully pull it off.


plant growing

There's nothing more exciting than seeing your business go from strength to strength.

  • 'Operational Excellence' is a process of transformation that can change the game for your enterprise- if executed well. It's not a dramatic leap- it's a combination of very deliberate steps, across the organization, over time. It takes focus, and follow up, and effort. But with everyone in your organization already fully stretched- how will you realize your goals?
  • Having a PPT deck dropped on your desk will not help. AscentWorks Partners can assist your Excellence and Growth transformation agenda, by partnering with your team to find realistic solutions to the most important issues. Together, we'll focus on operational processes, organizational culture and capabilities, and strategy execution. The goal is to get more value from the organization from front-to-back. It all starts with a conversation.

Everyone wants growth, but it’s the “change” part that comes with it that’s so difficult to manage.

  • Change is the only constant in today’s business environment, and Change will either be done ‘by’ you, or ‘to’ you. At AscentWorks Partners, we believe that change should come on your terms - not someone else’s.
  • Organizational change is delicate and difficult work, but you can't grow without it.  We can help you anticipate and manage the change you want to achieve. Whether it’s a major strategic project, or some well-timed process improvements, our subject matter experts will help your company manage its change objectives.



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    “AQ” is our proprietary ‘temperature gauge’ for assessing four key areas critical to a leading trading organization: continuous improvement, strategy execution, people / culture / values, and risk management. It’s for YOUR benefit only, and a fun challenge that costs nothing.

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    It only takes 7-8 minutes. It's a free option, so have fun with the quiz, and you may just gain a new insight.

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At your service…Jeffrey-Alan Bortz

I’m glad you could visit the AscentWorks Partners website.  My name is Jeffrey-Alan Bortz, and I’m an ‘executive-to-executive’ consultant and the company’s Founder.

During my career as a finance and risk senior executive, I’ve led transformational change for over two decades in the areas of risk management, operational excellence, performance management, and strategic planning, within leading global corporations in London, Frankfurt, and Houston.

As a senior leader, I asserted a strong personal commitment to cultivating a mindset of continuous ‘ascent’; a dedication to quietly and relentlessly improving the company across all aspects of strategy, operations, finance, and risk management.  (“Less home runs, and more base hits”, for those who favor baseball analogies.)  An ‘ascent’ mindset made me excited to come to work, and I also found it to be contagious and motivating to my colleagues as well.

As a key organizational contributor, I found myself frequently at the center of crucial transformational programs and projects- either in a position of leadership, or in a position of trust as an ‘in-house advisor’.  It was during these times that I gently discovered that I’d found my ‘happy place’ - that practical, impactful, and valuable advice from a subject-matter-expert - deeply committed to helping my enterprise succeed - was a game-changer at all the right moments.

Quality advice changes trajectories- and this is the kind of service I want to provide my clients through this practice.

So why choose me as your partner and advisor?

  • I focus relentlessly on value for your organization and value for your money.
  • I’m an intuitive listener, and advisor that will give you a (truly) balanced view.
  • I thrive on building the capabilities, processes, and culture needed to produce world-class functional support, and on coaching teams to deliver a valuable and transparent service that enhances the bottom line- while reducing risks to delivery.
  • My passion is to bring people together to understand what needs done, and to do it. I’ve led many strategically critical finance and risk projects and corporate planning initiatives, and I understand the pitfalls and keys to success in delivering successful outcomes- the first time around.
  • And finally- ‘all hands on’ senior experience in the most challenging global corporate environments has been the greatest teacher of binding ‘practice’ with ‘aspiration’, and you should accept no substitute.

My formal studies were in economics and accounting at the undergraduate level, followed by a master’s degree in business administration. I’ve proudly served my country for several years overseas in the U.S. Army, and I remain committed to serving my community.

I live north of Houston, Texas with my wife of 30 years, Christine, and we’re the proud parents of Hannah; a Trinity University (San Antonio) graduate.

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