Every business deserves WORTHY
attributes in an advisor. JUST as
important as ‘what’ we do FOR you,
is ‘how’ we do it
Every business deserves WORTHY attributes in an advisor. JUST as important as ‘what’ we do FOR you, is ‘how’ we do it


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Wise advice changes trajectories - and comes from expert listeners.

  • As such an important contributor to success, the right word is also unfortunately the one thing we receive far too seldom. As the leader of your business - are you getting the advice you deserve? We have the executive experience and wisdom to turn listening into practical and meaningful change for your company. Try us for an hour and see.
  • ‘Craft advisory’ means that we arrive without pre-conceptions of how your unique business should operate, without pre-packaged reports, and without proprietary ‘product’ to sell. This differentiates us from so many other consultancies. We tailor our approach to each client based on their operations, strategy and risk profile- with a focus on getting the best results for you.
  • We believe that “in abundance of counselors there is wisdom.” 


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It’s better to receive a handful of truly impactful, practical, and achievable actions than to get a big glossy report full of ‘nice ideas’ that have little chance of getting done.

  • Recommendations for your business should never be an ‘academic’ exercise. We focus on the work you really need done - rather than producing a colorful report.
  • We measure success by Value Achieved + Ability to Implement + Timeframe Needed. Your success is our success.
  • Who wants a fire put out next month? If we can recommend a meaningful change on Day 1 of our review, we will. If you can get 80% of the benefit by focusing on the leading 20% of the recommendations, aren’t you better off?
  • And where needed - we’ll work with your Team to deliver the results you need.

You benefit when enduring business wisdom intersects with modern techniques, in a useful and pragmatic way.

  • We bring practices and expertise acquired through years of working with top-tier industry names - so that your company can profit from the complete catalog of our experience, in a very short time span.
  • We understand the newest technologies that can benefit your business, but we don’t view technology as self-serving, nor is it a substitute for fixing core processes and capabilities. You deserve an advisor with the right mindset.
  • We don’t promote business management fads or fashions- these cost you unnecessary money, and usually lack a track record of success.


Value for money
It’s your dollar - get great advice at an affordable price.

Whether you’ve built your own enterprise over many years of hard work, or you’re upholding your duty to shareholders- you want high-value and practical advice at the right price.

We’re Small By Design (but with big roots)

We have no Partners to please, no Sales Goals to meet, and no junior staffers to keep occupied.  ‘Small by Design’ means our services to you are valued at the right price point.

Let us make your decision easy.

What’s the ROI on valuable advice and impactful recommendations? We focus on what is going to bring the highest return for your company. Our goal is to be “the investment you can’t afford not to make”.



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    “AQ” is our proprietary ‘temperature gauge’ for assessing four key areas critical to a leading trading organization: continuous improvement, strategy execution, people / culture / values, and risk management. It’s for YOUR benefit only, and a fun challenge that costs nothing.

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    It only takes 7-8 minutes. It's a free option, so have fun with the quiz, and you may just gain a new insight.

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At your service…Jeffrey-Alan Bortz

I’m glad you could visit the AscentWorks Partners website.  My name is Jeffrey-Alan Bortz, and I’m an ‘executive-to-executive’ consultant and the company’s Founder.

During my career as a finance and risk senior executive, I’ve led transformational change for over two decades in the areas of risk management, operational excellence, performance management, and strategic planning, within leading global corporations in London, Frankfurt, and Houston.

As a senior leader, I asserted a strong personal commitment to cultivating a mindset of continuous ‘ascent’; a dedication to quietly and relentlessly improving the company across all aspects of strategy, operations, finance, and risk management.  (“Less home runs, and more base hits”, for those who favor baseball analogies.)  An ‘ascent’ mindset made me excited to come to work, and I also found it to be contagious and motivating to my colleagues as well.

As a key organizational contributor, I found myself frequently at the center of crucial transformational programs and projects- either in a position of leadership, or in a position of trust as an ‘in-house advisor’.  It was during these times that I gently discovered that I’d found my ‘happy place’ - that practical, impactful, and valuable advice from a subject-matter-expert - deeply committed to helping my enterprise succeed - was a game-changer at all the right moments.

Quality advice changes trajectories- and this is the kind of service I want to provide my clients through this practice.

So why choose me as your partner and advisor?

  • I focus relentlessly on value for your organization and value for your money.
  • I’m an intuitive listener, and advisor that will give you a (truly) balanced view.
  • I thrive on building the capabilities, processes, and culture needed to produce world-class functional support, and on coaching teams to deliver a valuable and transparent service that enhances the bottom line- while reducing risks to delivery.
  • My passion is to bring people together to understand what needs done, and to do it. I’ve led many strategically critical finance and risk projects and corporate planning initiatives, and I understand the pitfalls and keys to success in delivering successful outcomes- the first time around.
  • And finally- ‘all hands on’ senior experience in the most challenging global corporate environments has been the greatest teacher of binding ‘practice’ with ‘aspiration’, and you should accept no substitute.

My formal studies were in economics and accounting at the undergraduate level, followed by a master’s degree in business administration. I’ve proudly served my country for several years overseas in the U.S. Army, and I remain committed to serving my community.

I live north of Houston, Texas with my wife of 30 years, Christine, and we’re the proud parents of Hannah; a Trinity University (San Antonio) graduate.

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